The Adjustment Bureau: Fight for Your Fate (2011)

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller

David Norris is on the rise. Even with a rough past and a few impulsive choices, his future seems bright. When those choices come back to haunt him on the night of the election, a chance encounter with a lovely woman seems to put him back on track. As she runs off, he instantly becomes hooked. Meanwhile, there seems to be an organization that has taken a strong interest in his future. When one of the agents misses his cue to affect David’s fate, David has the chance to run into Elise again. After getting her number, he is taken in by the bureau and exposed the hidden organization responsible for maintaining the prior path for everyone. Though told he could not reveal the secrets of the bureau or be with Elise, he achieves an additional encounter and starts a relationship with her. This keeps the bureau close on his tail and brings in the bigger guns in order to keep the two lovers from diverging from their individual paths.

Starring: Matt Damon (David Norris), Emily Blunt (Elise Sellas), Michael Kelly (Charlie Traynor), Anthony Mackie (Harry Mitchell), John Slattery (Richardson)

Matt Damon has served in a number of different roles, but this character has two completely different identities (the politician and the focused romantic). He is a very believable senator with his clean presentation and clever public speaking skills. After the encounter with Elise, he immediately looks distracted and infatuated with the need to be together. Serving as his focus, Emily Blunt plays into the concept of the plan even though she continues to get disappointed by David’s actions. She always appears to have that element of longing for their relationship to work, even from their initial meeting. Harry Mitchell, played by Anthony Mackie, has a troubling dilemma of responsibility versus conscience. While he seems to take his role seriously, he has an honest personal interest in the love shared between David and Elise. Richardson and Thompson, played by John Slattery and Terence Stamp, serve as constants in the fight to preserve David’s and Elise’s fates, both with a focused diligence.

This complicated universe hidden within the streets of New York City, dreamed up by George Nolfi, challenges your perception of reality and free will. David quickly learns about the bureau and their ability to maintain/control fate. The question arises, “Do we actually control our destiny?” This movie completely challenges it but also does not necessarily try to answer it. Every decision David makes seems to be on the radar of the bureau. They cannot control his emotions but can clearly manipulate him through his love of Elise. Whether you believe in a higher power or just something bigger than yourself, there are times when events seem to happen by chance and others that seem to be predestined. It may not be the bureau controlling the details but it is always fun to think about why things happen the way they do.

This movie was compelling from start to finish with great dialogue, strong suspense and a true fight for love story. This could be a contender for the Oscars next year, even with the length of time before those announcements are actually released. Check it out now because it is definitely worth it.

Dan’s Rating: 4.5/5


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