Listen to Your Heart: One Song Can Change Your Life (2010)

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Drama, Music, Romance

With dreams of sharing his music, Danny waits tables at a local bistro to earn money to have a chance to record. One day when Ariana comes to the restaurant with her mother, Danny immediately becomes infatuated and gives her his number. When she eventually returns to the bistro, Danny learns that Ariana is deaf but interested in getting to know him more. Their loves begins to blossom even though Ariana cannot hear Danny’s music. Meanwhile, her mother, Victoria, disapproves of their love and looks to meddle in their affairs. Successfully manipulating a way to separate them over the summer, Danny fights for a way back into Ariana’s life. As the couple has a chance to reconnect, Danny becomes ill and has little time left experience their romance.

Starring: Kent Moran (Danny), Alexia Rasmussen (Ariana), Cybill Shepherd (Victoria), Shirley Knight (Grandma Sam), Frank Watson (Roger), Ernie Sabella (Tony)

The loving couple is played by Kent Moran and Alexia Rasmussen. As the hopeless romantic, Moran portrays the purest of men trying to seek out his passion. He is the type of man that most women would desire. He is open, caring, creative and authentic. Rasmussen has a challenging task of using nonverbal communication to make a connection with Moran and the viewers. She represents the innocence of a young woman controlled and sheltered by a protective mother. That parental presence is presented by Cybill Shepherd. She refuses to listen to her daughter until she experiences traumatic heartbreak. Shepherd holds an emotionally stoic relationship with her daughter and exhibits what power and privilege can do to mold a person’s perception of less affluent individual. A strong supporting cast helps to provide a foundation for each of these characters to create an emotionally ripping story.

Matt Thompson and Kent Moran developed this story to represent the power of love. Danny and Ariana did not let the barrier of hearing and inability for a mutual appreciation of music stop them from experiencing the feeling of true love. They present two valuable lessons. The first is the importance of taking risks. Danny states, “I’m not going to miss out on something that could be great just cause it might also be hard.” He refused to let her deafness prevent him from pursing a romantic relationship. The second is how oppression comes in many forms and we need to be aware of the impact of our actions on others. Victoria may have seen a need to protect Ariana from a world that would not support her condition, but she sheltered Ariana to the extent that she was missing out on significant life experiences. Ariana was also having her opinions silenced, preventing her from being able to feel like she could fight for her passions.

This is a true tearjerker that opens you up to a romance that transcends individual differences. If you are looking for a movie with real heart, look now further.

Dan’s Rating: 4.0/5


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