Scream 4: New Decade. New Rules. (2011)

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Horror, Mystery, Thriller

On the eve of Sidney’s return to Woodsboro for her book tour, two local girls are murdered in their home while watching Stab 7. When the girls are discovered and evidence of the connection to Sidney’s return is found in her car, the town is put on lockdown. Sidney gets put up with her cousin, Jill, who appears to have inherited the curse as her friends begin to go one  at a time. While Dewey and Gale Weathers-Riley have settled into the small town life, the new murders and spunky young deputy are creating a rift between the odd couple and sending them on their own paths to solve the murders. There seems to be a new set of rules to the game but there is an all too familiar theme to each of the deaths.

Starring: Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott), Lucy Hale (Sherrie), Shenae Grimes (Trudie), Dane Farwell (Ghostface), Anna Paquin (Rachel), Kristen Bell (Chloe), Aimee Teegarden (Jenny Randall), Britt Robertson (Marnie Cooper), Alison Brie (Rebecca Walters), David Arquette (Dewey Riley), Courtney Cox (Gale Weathers-Riley), Hayden Panettiere (Kirby Reed), Emma Roberts (Jill Roberts), Marielle Jaffe (Olivia Morris), Marley Shelton (Deputy Judy Hicks), Rory Culkin (Charlie Walker)

Three of the original cast members have returned for this new addition to what was thought to be a trilogy. Neve Campbell is the central character again but seems to fade into the background as the younger characters snag the spotlight. She begins the film with a newfound strength as she attempts to put the past behind her but almost immediately gets sucked back into the same old chaos with a slightly stronger sense of bravery. Courtney Cox and David Arquette also returned true to form with Gale going rouge in her process of discovery and Dewey taking the cautious route. Joining the group are the somewhat off Nico Tortorella as Trevor, the deceptively scared Emma Roberts as Jill, the cocky Hayden Panettiere as Kirby and eager Marley Shelton as Deputy Hicks. In addition are Rory Culkin and Erik Knudsen who serve as the Seth Green movie-buff characters.

While the original movies were thought to end with the trilogy, Wes Craven brought back the survivors for another installment of the slasher series. While Sidney remains a central character, her cousin and even Gale and Dewey play more significant roles and have greater screen time than Campbell. With a new decade there are a new set of rules. The film both pokes fun at the entire genre and uses more significant technology than the previous three. The movie starts with a movie within a movie with the Stab series, and many of the characters continue to make comments about what you say or do that might get you killed in the event of a horror movie. There is also a significant use of technology between Facebook, Twitter, texting and the use of iPhones as the killer targets each of the townspeople.

The film feels like it has a little Shyamalan influence with the discovery process of the killer, but it does have a stretched plot line and too many slasher movie puns. It is still enjoyable and not completely predictable.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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