Away We Go: When It Comes to Settling Down, Never Settle (2009)

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Comedy, Drama, Romance

Living near Denver, unmarried couple Verona and Burt have a loving relationship and are on their way toward adding a baby to their untraditional family. Verona is against getting married but she expresses her devotion to Burt. Regardless, the couple, looking at their living situation, decide they want to explore new places to live. In order to figure out their place, they traverse the country and visit friends and family to feel out cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Madison, Montreal and Miami. As they visit each of their friends and family, they begin to feel the challenge of their expanding family and finding the right place to call home.

Starring: John Krasinski (Burt Farlander), Maya Rudolph (Verona De Tessant), Carmen Ejogo (Grace De Tessant), Catherine O’Hara (Gloria Farlander), Jeff Daniels (Jerry Farlander), Allison Janney (Lily), Jim Gaffigan (Lowell), Maggie Gyllenhaal (LN Fisher-Herrin), Josh Hamilton (Roderick Herrin), Chris Messina (Tom Garnett), Melanie Lynskey (Munch Garnett), Paul Schneider (Courtney Farlander)

This quirky indie comedy brings forth the talent of John Krasinski and brings the spotlight back on Maya Rudolph. For Krasinski, he plays a character similar to his role on The Office but with more of an outward romantic side. While he exhibits the struggles of his future role as a father and in their unmarried relationship, he ultimately projects a fun and witty side of a loving relationship. For Rudolph, a host of supporting roles and campy movies filled the gap between her role on SNL and this film. She plays a quieter but strong female lead and put forth a significantly memorable performance. She was a good match for Krasinski as the two show a great chemistry and play well back and forth for some clever quips.

Sam Mendes is known for a number of great films including Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road, Jarhead and American Beauty. While each of those movies are more serious dramas, Away We Go takes a lighter comedic focus of a young couple trying to make sense of their situation. As they travel to each of the cities, they look at the types of families their friends and family live in. Phoenix proves to be an interesting representation of parents that neglect positive recognition and care for their children’s development. Montreal shows a family that has strong love for one another but is very different than Verona’s and Burt’s relationship. When they travel to Miami, Burt starts to question his commitment from Verona because of his brother’s troubling personal relationship. While most of the friends and family are presented in a truly comedic way, they are also meant to represent the diversity of the American family. Love takes many forms and relationships develop, sustain or dissolve for a host of different reasons, but any couple has the opportunity to find a home and happiness if they truly love each other.

This quirky romantic comedy is cute and fun to watch. Krasinski and Rudolph have great chemistry and pull you in for an enjoyable experience.

Dan’s Rating: 3.5/5


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