The Time Traveler’s Wife: Love Lives Eternal (2009)

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Clare Abshire and Henry DeTamble have a love that seems to withstand the test of time, especially since Henry cannot seem to stay in the present for too long. Stricken by a strange, unknown genetic condition, he phases out when too highly stimulated, falling forward or backward through time. For Clare, she has actually known him since she was a child and was swept away with his charm from the beginning. With Clare and only a few others knowing of his condition, Henry tries to continue preserving a life with Clare while she attempts to sustain her love for him and try to create a family for the two of them to enjoy.

Starring: Rachel McAdams (Clare Abshire), Eric Bana (Henry DeTamble), Ron Livingston (Gomez), Arliss Howard (Richard DeTamble), Jane McLean (Charisse)

The movie focuses mostly on Rachel McAdams as the woman who tries to reconcile her love for a man who cannot control his condition. She gives herself to the oddity of the condition fairly well as this fantasy takes a bit of a step away from realistic love. Eric Bana also appears very calm for someone who loses track of time in the literal sense. It is actually very surprising that his character never chooses to seek assistance sooner for his condition. For Bana, he has moments that seem out of character, where his aggression seems more intense than his personality but not often enough to damage his performance. Ron Livingston serves as the one friend he lets know about his condition. He shows a great amount of care for his friend with only minimal surprise over the time traveling.

This fantasy film by Robert Schwentke tries to get viewers to surpass judgement on the science of time travel and the beliefs of the effects of influence. Where many films try to focus on the dangers of changing the future, The Time Traveler’s Wife is not concerned with changing the future as much as removing some of the mystery and the obsession over events not yet experienced. Though he does change the future once, it seems to only really affect Clare’s living environment but nothing else around him. With all things considered, he constantly breaks into people’s homes and cars to steal clothing and necessities, which may have more of an effect on people than something like changing the lottery. It does seem implausible that he would have gone all of those years without actually trying to seek help from someone.

The film is a unique love story that provides a fantasy-like twist to a couple’s struggle to understand how to make love last. While they may withstand the test of time, there is a lack of replay value and the struggle for believability may take away from the film’s presentation in comparison to the book.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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