Jennifer’s Body: She’s Evil…And Not Just High School Evil (2009)

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Comedy, Horror

Jennifer Check and Needy Lesnicky have been friends for years. Following the small-time band Low Shoulder, the girls head out to a concert at the one bar in Devil’s Kettle. During the performance, the bar catches fire, killing dozens of locals. Jennifer and Needy escape but Jennifer decides to go with the band in their van. Later that night, Needy hears noises in her house, goes to investigate and finds Jennifer covered in blood and vomiting black goo all over her kitchen floor. The next day, Jennifer seems to be okay but is also the only one not devastated by the death of several students, locals and a teacher. Slowly other students start popping up ripped apart, leading Needy to suspect that something has happened to Jennifer. With the prom coming up, it appears that the time is ripe for a real blood bath.

Starring: Megan Fox (Jennifer Check), Amanda Seyfried (Anita ‘Needy’ Lesnicky), Johnny Simmons (Chip Dove), Adam Brody (Nikolai Wolf), Chris Pratt (Roman Duda), Kyle Gallner (Colin Gray)

Teen horror flicks do not tend to have strong acting and Jennifer’s Body is no exception. Megan Fox does not have to stretch too far to play the hot cheerleader who is completely self absorbed. It honestly prevents her from showing any true range and simply portrays her as a sex icon whose beauty is the only thing keeping her career afloat. For Amanda Seyfried, there is much missing for her as well. Their relationship seems a little unnatural, especially since Fox does a great job at appearing to anger and frustrate Seyfried from start to finish. Johnny Simmons and Adam Brody serve as the male leads and both seem to show similar issues with range like the leading ladies.

Jennifer’s Body, directed by Karyn Kusama, provides nothing new to the teen horror scene except for an overuse of modern colloquialisms in an attempt to appear overly self-aware. Diablo Cody is well known for her success with the film Juno but tries way too hard to make Fox and Seyfried seem clever. When the two talk to each other the next day at school after the fire, their introduction plays out with “Hey, Monistat.” ” What’s up, Vagisil?” When Jennifer wants to get Needy to get past the death and sadness, she simply says “” Using modern references can certainly add to the charm of the dialogue but not when used as much as this film. It also does not help when nearly every line seems to be overly sexualized or dirty.

Most teen dramas and horror films have the opportunity to be so bad they become funny. This film has a few small moments but ultimately appears to be a slasher film with horrible dialogue and stunted acting.

Dan’s Rating: 1.5/5


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