Coming Soon: The Nominees of the 2012 Academy Awards

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Award Season, Personal

I am getting a little excited that the nominations for the 2012 Academy Awards are coming soon. On January 24th, the list will finally be revealed, but the Golden Globes have given a sense of what we can expect. There were a number of winners that were expected (Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams) and some that may have surprised a few people (The Descendants over War Horse). This looks to be more of a two picture race for the Best Picture category, with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo not even making the list at the Golden Globes. It is still uncertain whether we will be presented with 10 nominees for the nights biggest category or if they will reduce it back toward 5. It was easy to eliminate 5 of the films last year, so my hope is to just highlight the year’s top 5 movies.

Get pumped because the announcement is only days away.


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