Your Sister’s Sister: Doing the Right Thing with the Wrong Person (2012)

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Comedy, Drama

One year after the passing of his brother Tom, Jack is continuing to struggle with both his brother’s absence and his own sense of feeling lost. In a little pep talk with his best friend Iris, she convinces him to take a trip out to her father’s cabin on a remote island to clear his mind and enjoy the solitude. When he gets out there, he finds that he is not alone. Iris’s sister, Hannah, allows him to stay as a guest since he was sent up there to reflect. When they both have trouble falling asleep, they end up drinking a bottle of tequila and find themselves falling victim to their desires. When Iris appears at the cabin the next morning, Jack scrambles to cover up the events of the previous night. Over the next few days, the trio explore their lives, relationships and secrets.

Starring: Emily Blunt (Iris), Rosemarie DeWitt (Hannah), Mark Duplass (Jack), Mike Birbiglia (Al)

Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt make a fun pair as they give a big sister-little sister vibe that is quite enjoyable. While Blunt may be a little over eager at times, she gives her role the energy of a girl who adores her older sister. DeWitt has a little more of an earthy-crunchy vibe and gives the impression that she both appreciates the positive attention but also struggles with the expectations. For Mark Duplass, his character is a little detached at the start but eventually shows more of a warmth as he shows his connections to both women.


Lynn Shelton’s story of searching for something is simple in its complexity. The premise of going to the cabin to reflect alone may have been a good thought but it was extremely short lived. Instead, friendship and companionship appeared to be more important in the reconnection of the sisters and the recovery for Jack. The secret between Jack and Hannah seemed to be a non-issue initially, though Jack tried his hardest to keep it hidden. The problem was that there was more to the relationships between the trio. Iris loved Jack more than he realized but did not know how to tell him. Hannah wanted more out of life but never felt able to do it under the pressure of her ex-girlfriend. Their desires rose to the surface when the first of the secrets was finally revealed.


This small budget picture was one with the charm of a larger film and a controversial ending. While most of the storylines come together nicely through the development of the main relationships, there was one significant piece that was left unanswered. Hannah’s desire to get pregnant becomes a secondary element to the main plot but is the only focus coming to the closure of the story. With the three of them sitting in the bathroom, they lift the pregnancy test and it is over. The cliffhanger ending can be seen as both a clever ploy to create conversation or a cop out to get away with choosing an ending.

Your Sister’s Sister is a cute but simple story of love, recovery and forgiveness.

Dan’s Rating: 3.5/5


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