Quick Reaction: A Fitting End to the Dark Knight Trilogy?

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Personal

A full review of the movie will be coming after I finish digesting the film that ended one of the most prolific “superhero” storylines in movie history. I would like to give fans a chance to see it first before reading my official reflection on the film

When Batman Begins first came out, there was much praise for the creation of a new era of the Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale teamed up to reintroduce the caped crusader to a new generation and distinguish themselves from the rapidly declining series of the 90s. A more solemn tone brought with it better acting, a more engaging storyline and the opportunity to construct a whole universe around the heroics of a misunderstood hero. The Dark Knight changed the game with its phenomenal acting by two particularly talented villains. Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckardt transported viewers into the minds of psychopaths, one without fear and the other through the psychological destruction of his very being. While theatrics were still vital to stunning the crowds, the level of character development, storytelling and foreshadowing in that film came together to be one of the best films I have ever seen.

So how did The Dark Knight Rises compare to its predecessors? Before I begin, I will highlight that I am going to eliminate any possible spoilers from this poster in order to save that level of analysis for the full review.

Theatrics and seemingly impossible odds are the central theme of this final part of the trilogy. If one tried to watch this without having seen the other films, it would be very easy to get lost and not appreciate the story Christopher Nolan wanted to share. Before the film’s release, some of the biggest questions include whether Bane had the fortitude to break Batman’s back, whether Anne Hathaway would make a convincing Catwoman, if Tom Hardy could live up to the performance of Heath Ledger and whether the film would end with a cliffhanger or Batman’s death. I am happy to say that there are far fewer unanswered questions following the viewing of the movie.

It appears that Christopher Nolan sought to engage in slightly less character development and a more dramatic, shocking and suspenseful experience. Batman’s gadgets (though partially ruined by the previews/commercials) delivered just a strongly as the second film. I do have to say that I absolutely love the Batcycle. Looking past some of the choppy editing and a few minimally-explained elements, the film was well developed and kept viewers guessing until the very end. I was shocked to find myself still guessing at certain elements, even up to the final 10 minutes.

While I still believe that I like The Dark Knight the best in the series, The Dark Knight Rises has been worth the wait and brings closure to casual and hardcore fans alike.


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