Project X: You Are Invited (2012)

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Comedy

With Thomas’s birthday coming up, Costa and JB start to put together a big party, taking advantage of Thomas’s parents going out of town for the weekend. Though nervous about the party getting out of control, Thomas reluctantly agrees for Costa to promote the party at school. Before the guests arrive, Thomas shares a special moment with his close friend, Kirby, but then the cars begin to pull up. As party goer after party goer show up and flood the backyard, things seem to kick off without a hitch. The music is blaring and the alcohol flowing. Slowly, things begin to start getting out of control. Between the influx of guests not slowing down, an angry neighbor bent on busting up the fun and threats of police intrusion, Costa continues to keep Thomas into his party with a combination of girls, alcohol and ecstasy.

Starring: Thomas Mann (Thomas), Oliver Cooper (Costa), Jonathan Daniel Brown (JB), Dax Flame (Dax), Kirby Bliss Blanton (Kirby), Brady Hender (Everett), Nick Nervies (Tyler), Alexis Knapp (Alexis), Miles Teller (Miles), Peter Mackenzie (Dad), Caitlin Dulany (Mom), Rob Evors (Rob), Rick Shapiro (T-Rick), Martin Klebba (Angry Little Person), Peter Gardner (Older Guy)

The film’s cast is full of actors, though it appears to be shot more like a documentary. The chemistry between Thomas Mann and Kirby Blanton is undeniable, even though their ending felt a little less than spectacular. Oliver Cooper may not be a favorite of viewers, but he fills a necessary role as the movie’s instigator. Jonathan Daniel Brown seems to be little more than a supporting cast member that lacks much of any effect of the greater storyline.


Nima Nourizadeh’s teenage party pic represents a mixture of a coming-of-age movie, teenage romance and semi-realistic out of control birthday bash. Loosely based off of a high school party from Australia, Costa’s role as the party organizer took on more of the role of the instigator, pushing Thomas further and further past his limits. Initially, the party was supposed to just be a smallish gathering that would allow Thomas a chance to connect with Kirby. While the end result was still accomplished, Thomas had to go through a significant amount of stress and drama prior to getting the confidence to finally talk to her.

Project X Project X Project X

While this is based off of a real high school party, the scope seemed a bit too farfetched to be real. The real party was one that was hosted by Corey Washington and advertised through MySpace. There were approximately 500 people who showed up and destruction that cost of $20,000. The movie takes things to a bit more of an extreme and damages could have easily been well above $100,000 when you consider the damage to the cars, homes and lawsuits that probably caused the final totals to skyrocket. It played well for a film like this, but there has also been some strong criticism for the way that it seemed to approve of drug use, wild behavior and dismissal of the consequences of actions. A good example was how the father reacted at the end of the movie as he was lifting his car out of the pool with a crane, appearing to both punish his son while giving him some adoration for the attention and popularity he achieved through the party.

While the concept of the film may have been simple and entertaining, there were a lot of issues with the way the film promoted some negative perceptions of responsibility and, in some ways, encouraged replication of this type of behavior. Not to be outdone, 2013 boasts a similar film, 21 and Over, which looks to continue to promote this type of debaucher-ous behavior.

Dan’s Rating: 2.5/5


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