The Switch: The Most Unexpected Comedy Ever Conceived (2012)

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Comedy, Drama, Romance

The Switch PosterWally Mars and Kassie Larson have been best friends for years, but a decision challenges their closeness. When Kassie decides that she cannot wait for the right guy and wants to simply find a donor to have a child, Wally feels slighted by her going against his wishes. During her insemination party, Wally gets plastered and finds himself in the bathroom with the medical equipment and the donation. An accident causes him to drop the donation down the sink and he decides in the moment to replace the donation with one of his own. Not realizing what he did, Wally learns that Cassie is choosing to move out of the city to raise her future child. Seven years later, Cassie returns to the city with her son, Sebastian, and tries to reconnect with her once best friend. Spending time with Kassie and Sebastian, Wally finally realizes what happened that night and has to find a way to reconcile his mistake while learning how to manage the mess of his personal life.

Starring: Jason Bateman (Wally Mars), Jennifer Aniston (Kassie Larson), Jeff Goldblum (Leonard), Juliette Lewis (Debbie), Patrick Wilson (Roland), Todd Louiso (Artie), Thomas Robinson (Sebastian), Jason Jones (Rock Climbing Wall), Bryce Robinson (Older Sebastian), Caroline Dhavernas (Pauline)

Never the overly dramatic actor, Bateman’s range in the movie goes from lucid and neurotic to drunk and detached and back to lucid and neurotic. He has a number of endearing moments as the film keeps a sweeter tone outside of the moments of conflict. Aniston is a little more of a place-filler but fills the concept for the genre. Robinson is quite a young actor and is able to represent a challenging set of characteristics with emotional distress and social awkwardness.

THE SWITCH (L-R) Jason Bateman, Thomas Robinson (L-R) Jason Bateman, Thomas Robinson

Josh Gordon and Will Speck have previously worked together on comedies, but this one took a bit of a different turn. Looking at the concept of the development of untraditional families, the romantic tension between Wally and Kassie was stuck in a back and forth that prevented the two of them from ever going truly beyond their friendship. The jealously that built inside Wally over Kassie’s life-changing decisions led to him his irrational decisions. When he finally figured out what happened seven years later, he could not find the right way or time to tell Kassie what he had done and rock her world. She had moved on to try and start something with Roland, which only delayed when Wally was able to come clean rather than completely prevent it.

Jason Bateman (L-R) Juliette Lewis, Jason Bateman theswitch-mv-9

This film is a bit interesting in that it took a more modern concept of pregnancy and motherhood out of wedlock and mixed in some more traditional elements of longing for a complete family. Wally’s personality may not have changed significantly throughout the film, but his desires of what he wanted out of life were completely changed by interacting with and realizing his connection to Sebastian. Meanwhile, Kassie’s situation was significantly different in that she seemed to not realize how little Sebastian resembled Roland in comparison to Wally and changed her desires with what she wanted out of a partner after losing trust and faith in her best friend. There were some of the concepts of the film that fell a bit short while telling the story, but none so much as the lackluster and rushed ending.

Overall, the film is an enjoyable and somewhat unique story of friendship, modern families and personal development. There are a share of flaws with the concept, the details involving paternity and storytelling, but it is possible to move past those issues and make some good connections with the characters, particularly Wally and Sebastian.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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