Iron Man 3: Unleash the Power Behind the Armor (2013)

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Iron Man 3 Final Theatrical One Sheet Movie PosterSeemingly showered in the cheers of the people, Tony Stark’s ability to distance himself from the events of New York is an impossible task. Forced to spend his nights tinkering in his workstation, Tony’s sleeplessness is starting to drive a wedge between him and those around him. Meanwhile, a new menace (the Mandarin) is rising and no one can seem to get a feed on who he is and what he wants. All the news media and government can figure is that they are dealing with a terrorist who wants to see the world burn. When his zeal and arrogance get him into trouble with the Mandarin, he has to take a step back to see the bigger picture and find a way to stop this terrorist before he completely loses control.

Starring: Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark), Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts), Don Cheadle (Colonel James Rhodes), Guy Pierce (Aldrich Killian), Rebecca Hall (Maya Hansen), Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan), Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin), James Badge Dale (Savin), Stephanie Szostak (Brandt), Paul Bettany (Jarvis), William Sadler (President Ellis), Ty Simpkins (Harley Keener), Dale Dickey (Mrs. Davis)

Reprising his iconic role. Downey Jr. is just simply a champion of representing the character of Tony Stark. With the perfect mix of arrogance and humanity, he is able to keep the drama and personal development going, even in the third part of the series. Paltrow takes her role to the next level, getting more of a chance to engage in the action rather than serving more on the sidelines. Cheadle also reprises his role and certainly gets a boost in his airtime, particularly outside of his Warhammer suit. In regards to the villains, it is clear that there is something odd about Ben Kingsley’s character but he gets more interesting as the story progresses. Pierce, on the other hand, is an enjoyably questionable character with an unknown sense of conflict that slowly reveals itself.

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Jon Favreau’s third installment takes the Tony Stark sequence to a new level of challenges and inner conflicts. Although there is a sense of invulnerability in the way Tony approaches his life, his emotional and psychological issues were finally starting to take more of a toll. The first movie saw him battling with issues following his captivity. The second film included a slow fight for his health as the core in his chest was poisoning him. The third film presented severe anxiety issues related to the stress encountered by his near death during the New York battle. His tinkering was certainly for a purpose but also served as an outlet for his stress-related issues. Once he encountered Harley during his personal rediscovery, he was able to actually face his demons and seek a sense of inner peace.

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The terrorism plot of the film is not completely shadowed or difficult to distinguish, but the use of the Mandarin was a play back to the older Iron Man comics. Engaging in catastrophic actions of destruction and chaos, the Mandarin’s army of super soldiers served as a seemingly unstoppable force that appeared to be too big for Tony to handle. Since The Avengers brought the alien element to the storyline, including villains who could overheat and shoot fire from their hands seemed like a reasonable new challenge. With all of the tinkering Tony engaged in during the late/sleepless nights, the inclusion of an army of Iron Man suits brought an exciting new graphical and conceptual element to the story.

Iron Man 3 is an impressive addition to the storyline and is a worthy film to either end the Iron Man-specific arc or to springboard into a fourth film. There is a teaser at the end of the credits to help maintain the connection with the Avengers, so it is important not to miss it.

Dan’s Rating: 4.0/5

  1. CMrok93 says:

    This is the film to kick off the Summer Movie Season and it starts thing off pretty well. Good review Dan.

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