Here Comes the Boom: One Teacher Still Believes in Fighting (2012)

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Action, Comedy

HERE_COMES_THE_BOOM-Poster_596x951Once a great science teacher, Scott Voss has let several years of the same lesson plans drag him down and now is lucky if he shows up for his first class on-time. When Principal Betcher and the board announce that the school is going to be going through major budget cuts and lose key programs like music, Scott gets an urge to stand up for his friend, Marty Streb the music teacher. Scott calls together a meeting of the teachers to figure out a way to raise the $50,000 needed to keep Marty’s job, but only Marty and Bella Flores show up. To start to raise the extra funding, Scott resumes his role as a night school teacher for citizenship and gives extra lessons to a man who happens to be a physical trainer. When he realizes that he could fight mixed-martial arts and earn money even for losses, he puts his body on the line for a friend.

Starring: Kevin James (Scott Voss), Salma Hayek (Bella Flores), Henry Winkler (Marty Streb), Greg Germann (Principal Betcher), Joe Rogan (himself), Gary Valentine (Eric Voss), Charice (Malia), Bas Rutten (Niko), Reggie Lee (Mr. De La Cruz), Marl DellaGrotte (himself), Nikki Tyler-Flynn (Molie Streb)

While his roles are generally more goofy and off the wall, Kevin James actually brings a little more heart to this one, which has a much more meaningful concept for the plot. He still has his periodically brutish sort of comedy but toned a little better for the progression of the story. Hayek is a nice compliment, though her character development is a little weak. Winkler seems to be a good fit but also does not really add much besides a character to center the film’s premise around.

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Frank Coraci, most famous for working with some of Adam Sandler’s hit films, has moved his attention to the slightly more “in” Kevin James in his feature about trying to save a music teacher and his program. Scott Voss had let himself go as a teacher and only the threat to a friend pulled him out of his funk. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Scott came across the opportunity to lose fights and still make money. He also learned that college wrestling only prepared him a portion of what he needed to know to fight. When he surprisingly won a fight, he changed his whole outlook on how to earn enough money by the deadline. His fighting eventually caught the attention of Joe Rogan, who decided to offer him a bigger shot and a bigger purse.

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The central them of the film happened to be fighting for a cause. Scott had lost his way, but Marty was his inspiration to have something to fight for and Bella served as an added personal bonus. Scott was not alone in the fundraising, as Marty also did what he could to be in Scott’s corner and take on additional responsibilities. As he mentioned in the film, Scott determination to help him caused Marty to feel like he was inspired to keep fighting for his job. Niko joined the team as a man who wanted so badly to be out there fighting himself but limited by his physical injuries. While he supports Scott’s mission, he is also attempting to earn his citizenship (as exhibited by a few awkward scenes studying for the big test). The theme is a little too obvious, but it still gives the movie the heart it needs to be entertaining.

There are some scenes that are a little too hokey and unnecessary, but this film has heart and is an enjoyable rental.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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