The Collection: Every Great Collector Has a Vision (2012)

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Action, Horror, Thriller

collection_xlgHaving been captured by The Collector, Arkin finally gets his chance to escape while The Collector wreaks havoc on the another group of people. After the traps at the rave exterminate nearly everyone in attendance, partygoer Elena is captured alive and thrown in a trunk while Arkin dives out a window and heads for safety. While recovering in the hospital, Arkin is confronted by a band of mercenaries hired by Elena’s father to save her. Needing his help, Lucello keeps pushing Arkin to take them further into The Collector’s lair. With each step further into his dungeon, more and more traps spring out and cause the group to begin to dwindle. With The Collector’s attention diverted, Elena is able to escape the box and the room to search for her own way out.

Starring: Josh Stewart (Arkin), Emma Fitzpatrick (Elena), Christopher McDonald (Mr. Peters), Lee Tergesen (Lucello), Tim Griffin (Dre), Andre Royo (Wally), Randall Archer (The Collector), Shannon Kaene (Paz), Brandon Molale (Lin), Erin Way (Abby), Johana Braddy (Missy Solomon), Michael Nardelli (Josh)

While there was nothing really wrong with the cast, the feeling of the story really failed the ability of the actors to develop their characters. Besides the connections that were made between Mr. Peters, Elena and Lucello, each of the actors simply play to the basic themes of the film. Stewart was a man who struggled with him inability to act, and was still stunned by the events of the previous film. Fitzpatrick plays the role well of the frightened captive and McDonald appears to be appropriately frozen out of fear.

collection_gallery_01 collection_gallery_05 collection_gallery_09

Having experience with the Saw franchise, Marcus Dunstan followed up his 2009 film with a larger scale killing spree. The Collector decided to expand his reach and his efforts with more often and larger scale killings. The rave was a complete blood bath, but he was able to keep up his desire to capture one person alive. Arkin was resistent, but he became the hero once the chaos started in The Collector’s dungeon. Between coked out captives and traps at every turn, the mercenary team had no idea what they were getting themselves into. The Collector also let himself get a little in over his head when he took his time with each of the intruders and allowed for fail-safes with each trap.

collection_gallery_14 collection_gallery_15 collection_gallery_02

The film’s traps have a little less of the intricate Saw designs and are a little more crude and quick. Regardless of the gore factor, the story is truly lacking in a big way. The first film did not explain the motive behind The Collector’s purpose for trapping and torturing people. There is actually still no explanation as to why he went down this path. Arkin’s ease at the end of the film to seek out revenge seemed a little too big of a jump for a man who barely made it out alive from the rave and was close to death throughout the dungeon. The lack of story also meant that there was a lack of care for the characters.

The film tried to replicate the success of the Saw series without the sense of purpose and story. Not the best way to recreate the horror. On the bright side, there were some decent surprises and deviously disgusting traps.

Dan’s Rating: 1.5/5


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