For a Good Time, Call: Lose Your Hang-ups (2012)

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Comedy

for_a_good_time_callBrought together by unusual circumstance, Lauren Powell and Katie Steele are stuck trying to find a way to coexist in the same apartment. As Lauren tries to sort out her life that has fallen apart so quickly and unexpectedly, she becomes more curious about Katie’s unusual number of jobs and odd behaviors at night. Eventually, she discovers that Katie is actually a phone sex operator but hardly makes any real money from the calls. With a lack of options, she makes some suggestions and decides to help Katie start her own private line. The experience brings the two of them closer together, until they are officially working the business together and searching for someone to help extend their calls. With dreams to get her dream job at a publishing company, Lauren begins to get lost in this exciting new experience.

Starring: Lauren Miller (Lauren Powell), James Wolk (Charlie), Ari Graynor (Katie Steele), Justin Long (Jesse), Lawrence Mandley (Henry), Steven Shaw (Morty), Mimi Rogers (Adele Powell), Don McManus (Scott Powell), Nia Vardalos (Rachel Rodman), Kevin Smith (Cabbie), Seth Rogen (Jerry), Ken Marino (Harold), The Legend of Zelda Miller-Rogen (Zelda)

Lauren Miller is quite the fun character, as she transforms from a somewhat plain and uptight spurned lover into someone who craves more adventure and excitement. Ari Graynor’s character started as a more flirtatious but slowly gets revealed as someone withholding a few secrets. Long is simply a character to help push the story forward, as opposed to adding to the comedic element. Between the couple guest star callers and the awkwardness with Rogers, McManus and Vardalos, there is a solid supporting cast to help lift up the drama between the main characters.

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Miller co-wrote the script and Jamie Travis found a way to bring out this story of women in an unusual situation finding friendship and themselves in the process. They seemed like they were opposites, especially with their past in college. Katie was always the partier, while Lauren was all about sticking to a plan. When she decided to give in to the phone line, her organization helped them both at the beginning but spending time with Katie began to loosen her up. Once the truth came out about Katie’s actual lack of sexual experiences, it turned the tables between the two of them but began to lead Katie toward actually experiencing love for the first time.

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While the film takes a dive into learning to accept yourself for who you are and striving to move forward in life, the relationship between the two women was one about trust and respect. Since Katie played the role of the phone sex worker to its extreme, Lauren took a lot of time to release the image she had of her from college and accept her as someone who was just trying to compensate for something that made her feel incomplete. For Lauren, she played the safe and planned route for so long that she caused Katie to be cautious about letting her in, even after they started to work together. As their relationship allowed them both to drop their guards and with Lauren flustered about the minimal possibility of getting her dream job, the interview with the publishing company offering her the position caused them both to reevaluate their friendship and trust in each other.

This is not a superbly acted film and lacks a sense of modesty, but it is a fun friendship comedy that gives a couple female leads a chance to reach a wide market of movie-goers.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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