Kick-Ass 2: You Can’t Fight Your Destiny (2013)

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Action, Comedy, Crime

Kick-Ass-2-PosterAfter the events that took out mob boss D’Amico, Dave and Mindy found themselves in a new world. Superheroes were popping up all over the city, but they both felt a bit of a detraction from their heroic ways. While they attempt to continue training, they attract Detective Marcus Williams’s attention, which forces Mindy to give up being Hit-Girl. Without his partner, Dave chooses to try to find new allies for Kick-Ass and meets up with Dr. Gravity, who leads him to Colonel Stars and Stripes. With a couple of additional superheroes, including a surprising Marty as Battle Guy, the group begins to work together to do good from serving at a soup kitchen to taking out a prostitution ring. Meanwhile, Chris continues to feel raw about the death of his father and begins to enlist a band of his own super villains to create havoc, including the crazed Tumor and startlingly dangerous Mother Russia.

Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Dave Lizewski), Chloe Grace Moretz (Mindy Macready), Morris Chestnutt (Det. Marcus Williams), Clark Duke (Marty), Augustus Prew (Todd), Donald Faison (Dr. Gravity), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Chris D’Amico), John Leguizamo (Javier), Jim Carrey (Colonel Stars and Stripes), Robert Emms (Insect Man), Lindy Booth (Night Bitch), Andy Nyman (The Tumor), Daniel Kaluuya (Black Death), Chuck Liddell (himself), Tom Wu (Genghis Carnage), Olga Kurkulina (Mother Russia), Garret M. Brown (Mr. Lizewski)

Somewhat surprisingly fanboy-ish considering the events of the first film, Taylor-Johnson was the one with the eagerness to get himself into the action. Meanwhile, Moretz took a bit of a surprisingly path away from the fight to rediscover herself. While her character’s arc may have been a little less desired, she played up the lack of sureness very well. Mintz-Plasse is still quite the comical villain, as he played up the lack of maturity in order to have more grandiose, chaotic fun throughout the story. Carrey may have had a problem with the violence in the film but he still brought a big punch to the cast. Faison was a bit too much of a follower with the rest of the cast, while Leguizamo seemed the better fit the role of the evil lackey in comparison.

100508_gal 100510_gal 100507_gal

Jeff Wadlow stepped in to try to extend the charm from the original Kick-Ass. This time around, superheroes have popped up all over the city and they are trying to make a difference in any way possible. While Kick-Ass continued to train and connect with a new band of do-gooders, Hit Girl tried to establish herself in the “normal” world of high school. With Red Mist taking his game to a new level, the heroes had no idea what was in front of them and how much they needed significant leadership. While the first film had Kick-Ass trying to find himself as he sought out every fanboy’s dream, the second film took more of a turn toward merging one’s social and inner selves, forcing Hit Girl to truly connect with someone who was not her father and Kick-Ass to recognize those around him who care for his success.

100506_gal 100509_gal 100505_gal

While there was much to enjoy about this film, it felt like it tried too hard to expand the story while it neglected the events up to the start of the film. Dave and Mindy defeated Mr. D’Amico but somehow Dave appeared to take a couple steps backward in his fighting skills. Even though he trained and bulked up, he seemed to lose his focus and was not able to fight as well as some of his battles in the first film. Mindy was so caught up in high school drama that she felt less like the character everyone grew to love and more someone lacking in complete confidence. As for Chris D’Amico, he was made into a complete joke, which may have fit his character, but it was unclear how he could even put up much of a fight against Kick-Ass when their physical and fighting abilities were so mismatched.

The film was still one with all of the fighting and humorous moments to walk away satisfied, but there would be much that needed to be re-imagined if there was an attempt to pull together a third movie in the franchise.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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