Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Comedy

Anchorman-2-The-Legend-Continues-poster-405x600After breaking out of the San Diego market, Ron Burgandy and Veronica Corningstone landed a great opportunity in New York. After getting called up to the office of the legendary Mack Tannen, Veronica learns that she will take Mack’s place on the evening news while Ron is to be fired. Falling into despair and wasting away his talent at Sea World back in San Diego, Ron is approached by Freddie Sharp, a producer tasked with helping to create a new type of 24-hour news channel. With Linda Jackson at the helm, Ron reassembles his team and goes to work back in New York. Confronted with remaking his image, attempting to win back his family, and going up against rival news anchor Jack Lime, Ron has his work cut out for him to reach to top again.

Starring: Will Ferrell (Ron Burgandy), Steve Carell (Brick Tamland), Paul Rudd (Brian Fantana), David Koechner (Champ Kind), Christina Applegate (Veronica Corningstone), Dylan Baker (Freddie Sharp), Meagan Good (Linda Jackson), Judah Nelson (Walter Burgandy), James Marsden (Jack Lime), Greg Kinnear (Gary), Josh Lawson (Kench Allenby), Kristen Wiig (Chani Lastname), Fred Willard (Ed Harken), Chris Parnell (Garth), Harrison Ford (Mack Tannen)

The cast returns 10 years later to bring back the magic of Ron Burgandy. In many ways, it is like they simply time jumped to the future because there is virtually no difference in their performances between the original and this sequel. Ferrel continues to play a loud, offensive news anchor who struggles to understand the world around him. Carell and Wiig are likely the most consistently funny members of the cast, as their love story is awkward and hilarious. The best scene of the entire film (just like in the first one) has to be newscaster battle in the park, involving cameos including Vince Vaughn, Will Smith, Kanye West, Jim Carrey, Marion Cotilliard, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kirsten Dunst, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Liam Neeson, and John C. Reilly.

spl545594-005 d_g_11 d_g_02

It is quite interesting that the entire main crew, including director Adam McKay, returned to produce this sequel, but (for fans) it was a long time coming. In much of the same fashion as the first film, things started with Ron and Veronica comfortably enjoying their careers in broadcasting. Suddenly, the change in their employment and the creation of the 24-hour news network throws their entire stories for a loop. As Ron has to rediscover himself in his new role and deal with his rising stardom, tragedy strikes and cripples his rising career. It takes patience and refocus for him to find the courage to get back on the air and do what he does best.

d_g_01 d_g_12 d_g_03

The comedy of this film is pulled straight from the first movie. The awkward verbal miscues, redefinition of terms, sexual innuendos, and periodic slapstick are mirrored from the jokes of the Anchorman. What happens to be a nice addition (though not too far off the original) was the focus around Brick and Chani. Their love story truly brings a fresh element to the repetitive storyline. Though, the recycled humor is not necessarily a bad thing. Ron’s outbursts and quarrels with Jack Lime are just as entertaining as his aggressive dialogue with Veronica and antics in the office in the first film. Having Kench Allenby play his role similar to the style of Rupert Murdoch was a nice touch as well.

This sequel is definite full of laughs but should not be assumed to outdo expectations. Enjoy the newscaster brawl and the story of Doby.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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