Horns (2014): Love Hurts Like Hell

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Personal

horns_ver3_xlgSuspected of the murder of his former girlfriend, Ig Perrish tries everything he can to avoid the community that has turned on him and instead follows him with hatred. Fighting for Ig’s innocence, only his lawyer and childhood friend Lee Tourneau seems to be in his corner. While spying on a vigil on the spot where her body was found, Ig overhears her father speak hateful words against him, causing him to take out his anger on the offerings. The next morning, Ig discovers he has horns growing out of his head. Unsure of what is happening, he also discovers that everyone he meets seems to unveil their darkest feelings and desires to him, which he realizes he can use to help him investigate and find Merrin’s real killer.

Review: Daniel Radcliffe (Ig Perrish) has left behind his Harry Potter days for pastures much more dark and adult. While he may not be big in stature, Daniel threw around some serious anger and aggression. As his character dove deeper into the dark depths, his character’s confidence and presence grew. Juno Temple (Merrin Williams) was a bit of a wild card. When the relationship was strong, she was flirtatious and sweet. When her personal troubles started to rise, her character became a strange collection of emotions that did not help with the overall tone of the film.

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Horns combined a dark humor with moments of suspense and drama. Using flashbacks to help tell the story, Ig’s and Merrin’s perspectives, as well as some of their friends and family, came together to complete the picture of what happened between Ig’s attempted marriage proposal and Merrin’s death. As he discovered his ability to influence others, he decided to use it for his own gain. When bothered by the news reporters, he promised an interview to the last person standing and caused a reporter brawl more intense than from the Anchorman series. After interrogating the men in the bar, the conversations led to the men losing their inhibitions and burning the place down. On the flip side, it also led to difficult moments of realization about the truth regarding Merrin’s odd behavior and subsequent death.

The film was imbalanced and had an odd flavor, but it also has an interesting cult flavor through its dark humor.

Dan’s Rating: 3.0/5


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