The Spongebob Movie (2015): Sponge Out of Water

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Adventure, Animated, Comedy

TSBSPMSOOW_Poster_2In the small town of Bikini Bottom, Spongebob and his friends are living life as usual. Plankton is also at his old tricks trying to steal the Krabby Patty recipe, but is unable to successfully follow through with his plan. Finally when he almost gets his hands on the formula, it disappears. While Mr. Krabs refuses to listen to Spongebob, claiming Plankton’s innocence, Spongebob runs off with Plankton to try to unravel the mystery of where the recipe went. As their investigation continues, Spongebob and Patrick travel through time, meet a dolphin, and nearly uncover the mystery, only to find that their journey will take them to the surface to battle against a pirate-turned-burger jockey who is now flipping his own Krabby Patties.

Review: As the second full-length feature Spongebob film, Nickelodeon decided to take advantage of its most successful current cartoon and toss in a little 3D. While most of the performances are animated and voice-acted, the one key actor in the film was Antonio Banderas (Burger Beard). Starting off the film as a pirate seeking a hidden treasure, he transformed into an entrepreneurial fry cook, attempting to take advantage of the infamous Krabby Patty. Since this is a cartoon mixed with a little live action, his performance is a caricature of himself mixed with that of a cartoon pirate. The seagulls also had a bit of personality, but their presence as secondary characters made them a little less vital to the overall enjoyment.

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As the second film, Paul Tibbitt had to distinguish the story and feel from the original. Honestly, the first film had a more cohesive and enjoyable story. It had King Neptune having his crown stolen by Plankton, leading to his plan to take over Bikini Bottom to temporarily be successful…at least until Spongebob and Patrick go on a mission to retrieve it. For this second film, the overall feel was actually similar, with the item lost being the Krabby Patty recipe (which Plankton tries to steal in a third of the TV episodes). While there was time travel in this one, they went to the surface in the first film as well. With the show having been on the air for over 15 years, the creativity has mostly been lost. In the end, it fell victim to the same challenge The Simpsons Movie did.

While there were a handful of decent jokes, the bulk of the film felt forced. Unlike other episodes or movies in the series, there just was not the creativity that Stephen Hillenburg has previously achieved.

Dan’s Rating: 2.5/5


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