Trainwreck (2015): We All Know One

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Comedy

trainwreck-posterAs a young girl, Amy learned from her father how to live life…without commitment. As an adult, she travels from one bed to another as she enjoys herself and her work at an entertainment magazine. When a new story comes across her desk, she begins to meet with a sports medicine doctor who happens to work with some of the biggest stars in the NBA, MLB, and NFL. Though she has little interest in his work with athletes, she begins to feel something for Aaron that challenges the beliefs she has about love. As her life continues to change, she has to confront her purpose and whether her father was wrong about monogamy.

New & Interesting Talent: Amy Schumer is still relatively new to the comedy scene and this was her first attempt at a major film. Her show has continually built a larger fan base and this film brings her to a wider audience. While not a complete explosion or surprise, she brings her somewhat coarse but timely humor that flips the script on what is appropriate when comparing masculine and feminine comedy.

Comparing the Supporting Cast: What also helps make this film shine is the supporting talent. While some of the actors are more seasoned (Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, and Tilda Swinton), a few of the other actors or celebrities help enhance the sometimes disorganized storytelling. John Cena has not done much in the way of comedy, but his character hilariously struggles with sexuality, mostly through his angry conversation with another movie patron. Vanessa Bayer may have fallen to the background, but her role as the best friend helps elevate Amy. LeBron James, playing Bill Hader’s friend, actually had solid delivery and emphasis to warrant some other potential future roles.

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The Story: The one noticeably weak element of the film was the actual story. While the jokes are clear, it is also clear that Amy is not used to telling a continuous tale for longer than the 5-7 minute bits on her show or on-stage. The basic storyline was straightforward. Amy gets an opportunity to advance at work but it hinges on a particular article involving a sports medicine surgeon. While she struggles with the concept of monogamy, she starts to defy the close relationship with her father and fall in love with her article’s subject. As the story reaches the height of the conflict, everything falls apart and she is forced to reevaluate her choices. The comedy to tell the story was solid, but the progression of her relationship with Hader seemed to make no sense. She never hid the issue with monogamy, but she also seemed to actively resist the things he liked at the start of the relationship.

Final Verdict: A strong first outing for the young comedienne, even with the few weak points in the story itself. One of the better comedies to get released in the past few summers.

Dan’s Rating: 3.5/5

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