Deadpool (2016): A New Class of Superhero

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Action, Adventure, Comedy

431-film-page-largeGoing back to the beginning, Wade Wilson was former military but has been serving as a mercenary for hire. When he runs into Vanessa, his world changes. They share the same sarcasm and fall in love completely. Life gets turned for a loop when Wade discovers he has stage 4 cancer. He tries to distance himself to avoid dragging her down with his pain, leading to him running off for a controversial and unethical treatment to keep him alive. The treatment both saves and ruins his life, as he no longer looks like the man he once was but has superhuman abilities. He continues to serve as a mercenary, but gets called to action by the kidnapping of his girlfriend and the opportunity to reestablish his once boyishly good looks.

Marvel Goes Rated R: Superhero movies have been comical, dark, and everything in between, but this is the first big market film to truly embrace the rated R tag. The jokes are crude and the violence is gory. It truly embraces the Deadpool atmosphere and takes the comedy farther than any previous Marvel film has been able to go.

Ryan Reynolds Redemption: After playing the Green Lantern and Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds had a lot of making up to do. His first iteration as Deadpool actually was not bad, but his loudmouth antics were cut short and he was left with his mouth sewn up. This film actually made fun of both of these previous characters and completely captured the comedic styling of the Deadpool of the comics. He regularly pokes fun at his enemies and breaks the fourth wall to talk with the audience. There is something special here to build upon for future films that could introduce additional Marvel characters which do not seem to fit the more traditional X-Men and Avenger films.

A Film of References: Besides Reynolds’s previous characters, there is a plethora of references to the Marvel universe and other classic media. The stinger at the end pays homage to Ferris Buller’s Day Off, while also teasing the possibility of future films and characters. Wade and Vanessa (Morena Baccaran) joke about Star Wars, while Wade continually pokes at Ajax (Ed Skrein) using a bit from Stripes. The entire script is littered with these, in addition to all of the other random comments and slapstick committed by the anti-hero.

Final Verdict: Breaking away from the traditional representations of superhero films, Deadpool biasted through expectations and served as a fresh, new concept that saved Ryan Reynolds’s career in this genre. The jokes are well planned and the production team made due without having to have the constantly growing rosters of Marvel’s other series.

Dan’s Rating: 4.0/5


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